Gallant Designs comprises of two 4th year Graphic Design students, Adam (that’s me) and Cody who currently live in the beautiful and always eventful central Iowa where we herd cattle and in our free time design t-shirts and iPhone cases that we thought may interest the wonderful people of Tumblr.

We all have our fandoms that we dedicate countless hours to, but for the most part, we came to realize that the shirts that we wanted to wear weren’t being produced for the most part, and if they were, they weren’t very cute. But then we had a revelation! Why wait around for someone else to make them, when we could do the work ourselves…we are design students after all.

While Cody moves ahead with his pokemon ideas, I am still stuck back in the Digital World. This is just a play on the evolution of man (hopefully, obviously).  And as simple as it may appear, making easily recognizable silhouettes is hard work.

 It is currently available in both light and dark versions on Redbubble, with posters and iphone cases soon to follow.

It may become a series if there is enough interest in it becoming a series, because who doesn’t want a Vikemon shirt?  Who would you want next?

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