Gallant Designs comprises of two 4th year Graphic Design students, Adam (that’s me) and Cody who currently live in the beautiful and always eventful central Iowa where we herd cattle and in our free time design t-shirts and iPhone cases that we thought may interest the wonderful people of Tumblr.

We all have our fandoms that we dedicate countless hours to, but for the most part, we came to realize that the shirts that we wanted to wear weren’t being produced for the most part, and if they were, they weren’t very cute. But then we had a revelation! Why wait around for someone else to make them, when we could do the work ourselves…we are design students after all.

Hello all you beautiful people! Over here at Gallant Designs we assume that every one of our followers has seen Marvel’s the AVENGERS (or Avengers Assemble if you are across the ocean).  We went to go see it at midnight, and while there was a cringeworthy crowd in attendance, the film was still one of, if not THE, greatest super hero movie we have ever seen (Sorry Sky High, you have been surpassed).  In honor of the movie we have gone into Avengers design frenzy, making minimalist iphone cases inspired heavily by our favorite members of the team.

For this first wave we have Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, and the ever important Spider-Woman all available at our redbubble store!

If you like what we are doing, please spread the word! Like, Reblog, send the link to your Grandma Bessie. This is our last week of school, which means we will soon be poor college graduates trying to survive in a harsh, harsh world. And any suggestions for Wave 2 will be more than appreciated!

And finallllly, if you are not already, come follow us at gallant-designs for future updates, adventures, etc.

*I was joking about Sky High…it will never be replaced.

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