Gallant Designs comprises of two 4th year Graphic Design students, Adam (that’s me) and Cody who currently live in the beautiful and always eventful central Iowa where we herd cattle and in our free time design t-shirts and iPhone cases that we thought may interest the wonderful people of Tumblr.

We all have our fandoms that we dedicate countless hours to, but for the most part, we came to realize that the shirts that we wanted to wear weren’t being produced for the most part, and if they were, they weren’t very cute. But then we had a revelation! Why wait around for someone else to make them, when we could do the work ourselves…we are design students after all.

And here is the second of the Warriors 10, the Warrior of Thunder!  He was a bit tougher to make fit together, but I enjoy how gargantuan he got. 

Available as t-shirt, cases, and stickers at Redbubble

And come follow us at Gallant-designs so you are the first to know about upcoming contests and such.  

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